It is an infection of the auricle and external auditory canal. It occurs especially in those who enter the sea and pool very often, and those who irritate their ears while mixing. It is also known as swimmer’s ear because it is usually seen in swimmers.
It begins with the complaint of itching in the ear. This itching is followed by tenderness in the ear and earache. There is swelling, congestion, severe pain on touch in the ear canal. There may be inflammatory discharge.
First of all, the discharge from the ear canal should be cleaned. In the early period, antibiotic drops, antibiotic and pain relief medication give good results. A form with very severe and rapid necrosis may occur in diabetics. If not intervened in time, it can result in death.
– The ear should not be irritated with a cotton swab or other objects.
– Ears should not be left wet, they should be dried without irritation.
– Swimming in polluted waters should be avoided.
– Ear plugs should be used when entering the sea and pool.